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Ms Gladys Homemade Personal Pies
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Photo of Personal Pies
Photo of Personal Pies
Photo of Personal Deserts
$5.00/each                        $6.00/each
Sweet Cheesecake            New Yorker
Caramel Pecan                  Chocolate Caramel      
Sweet Potato                           Nut
Lemonade                           Chocolate Caramel
Brownie                               Chocolate Peanut
Red Velvet                               Butter         
Chocolate Swirl                   Banana Froster
Ms Gladys Homemade Personal Pies Menu
Our chef prepares each pie with a touch of love to ensure our customers enjoy the best dessert experience with every savory bite. Our pies are great for Weddings, Holiday Events, School Events, Party's, etc.  Being that our pies are not made until they are ordered to guarantee their freshness, we ask for at least a 1 day advanced notice to schedule your delivery.  We deliver to homes, special event locations, offices or anywhere you want a pie.  There will be a delivery fee of $1.00 per mile.
Prices below are for our 4" pies.  We offer larger pies for special events.  Please call for sizes and prices.
Cobblers                    Puddings
$5.00/each                           $5.00/each
Peach                                   Banana Pudding - 
Cherry                                        Vanilla
Apple                                          Chocolate

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Or call Office: (512) 528-1901
                Cell:  (254) 289-8927

Ask about our catering for banquets and events
$4.00/each                $5.00/each
Buttermilk                  Buttermilk w/Blackberries
​Pecan                        Sweet Potato Pecan
Sweet Potato             Chocolate Pecan
                                   Derby Pecan
                                   Chocolate Meringue